Wednesday, 28 September 2016

ProEnc And Their Charity Work

ProEnc in both the UK and US believe in carrying our charity work and have committd to Make-A-Wish America for the next 12 months.

ProEnc's recent project was features on Huffington Post and it can be seen by clicking the link below.

As well as this Pronc have also developed a projector enclosure for the home market, as many other projector enclosure manufactures are not interested in providing an affordable solution, so ProEnc has.

With over 25 years experience making metal enclosures, that are used daily in outdoor applications to protect the elctronics inside. This is what seperates ProEnc from the competition.

A little history of ProEnc's management Team:

Graham Gallagher started as a qualified engineer in 1987, he then started his first business manufacturing computer enclosures after seeing a gap in the market, which he sold in 2009. The sam year he designed and patented the first UK flat panel TV enclosure and sold that company to a US competitor in 2012 after a major success at the London Olympics. In 2014 he partnerd with Dale Edwards who Graham had worked with on several project from 2012 to 2014, whilst Dale was the technical director at 2 mobile communications companies.

During this time they both devloped the outdoor projector enclosure that could accommodate both a 19" rackmount server and an ETSI frame from monitoring purposes.

Both Graham and Dale believ in providing something back to the community and are both active in charity work outside the enclosure industry.