Friday, 20 May 2016

Do You Know What An Outdoor Projector Enclosure IP Rating Is?

Understanding What An Outdoor Projector Enclosure IP Rating Is?

IP rated outdoor projector enclosures are essential if the hardware (ie projector) is being used constantly outdoors. But understanding what IP rating is, is the beginning.

IP stands for Ingress Protection and the scale varies for products used indoors to completely submerged solutions. But the weather protection falls under IP56 and IP65, in the USA this has the equivalent of NEMA 4 and NEMA 4X.

Let us take IP56, the first number 5 indicates protection from dust with limited ingress that will form no harmful damage, the last number 6 indicates protection from strong water jets, with limited ingress permitted. Now let us take a look at the IP65 unit.

IP65, the first number (6) indicates total protection against dust, eliminating dust build up on a projector can be catastrophic! The last number (5) indicates protection form water jets with permitted ingress allowed.

ProEnc Outdoor projector enclosure IP rating is IP65.

All ProEnc outdoor projector enclosures are IP65, so they are perfect for outdoor use in all weathers.
For more details on the product range, for projectors from 7K up to 50K ProEnc have the solution for the US office, or for the European office

This is why ProEnc's solution is used throughout the world to protect the projectors, no matter what the weather, with ProEnc's 20+ years manufacturing outdoor solutions they know much more than other projector enclosure manufacturers. 

Partner with ProEnc today for their outdoor projector enclosure IP rating 65.

Outdoor projector enclosure by ProEnc

Outdoor projector enclosure by Proenc, looks interesting an a unique way on how to get a backyard home movie!

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Outdoor Home Cinema - AV installaers Secrets

Different types of Outdoor Home Cinema.

Enjoying music within the outdoors isn't that easy for lots of people since the sound quality of normal stereo speakers isn't that well when it's used within the outdoors along with the typical indoor speakers can readily get damaged as a result of water or moisture if they're used within the outdoors. Once you've decided that you'd want to host a Outdoor Movie night you should earn a booking. If it's the later, you'll seriously must consider an outdoor TV enclosure. Overall, buying yourself a couple wireless indoor outdoor speakers will really be a good investment due to the ease of application and convenience it will give you.

Many people believe that preparing the house cinema is a rather tricky job, and costly. Unless your house is short in space or you really do not have a dedicated home entertainment room, it isn't essential to have it. To begin with, you can select a permanent screen to really go with your house theater projector. Should you decide to set the speakers on the other side of the residence theater screen, you may want to think about employing a transparent home entertainment screen fabric.

Certainly, you'd like to purchase among the most effective indoor outdoor wireless speakers that are available available in the market. The outdoor in-ceiling speakers are certainly cheap and they're almost invisible to a great deal of people so this gives your function a fresh look too. Utilizing a busted wire on the speakers means the speakers don't provide you with the very best sound quality. Initially, you need to find out your requirements, whether you'd make use of these speakers indoors or outdoors.

The Number One Question You Must Ask for Outdoor Home Cinema 

The final form of screen that one may purchase for your house theater projector is just a wall-mounted and retractable screen. The screen is frequently fixed to the wall agreeing with the design of the property theater room. Aside from the static, dropping of signal level is, in addition, a larger issue in regards to indoor outdoor wireless speakers. They can be often less attractive in relation to the units for homes.

A much more comprehensive solution would be to make use of a typical TV within an outdoor TV enclosure. This material is most likely suitable for outdoor screens, it really is durable and selected types are found on sites like eBay rather cheaply that provide good gain. In addition It's suited to outdoor movie viewings. It's also wise to consider heating the enclosure in case that it outdoors all year round, there are several heating solutions however it's advisable to use one which is thermostatically controlled. Alternatively, you can use a projector in an outdoor projector housing for that ultimate outdoor home cinema, projectors give a much larger, clearer image to watch - check out as we offer both solutions.

It's essential that the residence theater projection screen surface is smooth and tightly held with each other to avoid any creases as time passes. Some outdoor projection screens haven't any border whatsoever, or perhaps a border of under an inch. To make certain your projector's lamp lasts long, put the projector in a safe table to prevent jostling. Wall mounting is extremely much like the ceiling mount.

Wireless speakers have become rather famous all around the world. The Sharper Image wireless speaker relies on the newest wireless technology which provides you a great area within the outdoors to put your speakers. With this new revolution, we've fully seen a tremendous growth where clients are installing LCD televisions outdoors.

Rubberized canvas is great for outdoor screens. Anywhere is the perfect place for all these devices. In this instance, a video isolation transformer ought to be used to get rid of the ground loop.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

UK projector enclosure manufacturers

ProEnc is the only name for UK projector enclosures.

ProEnc Limited are a UK projector enclosure manufacturer who also manufacturers in other countries, such as Australia and North America.

ProEnc Limited have several websites, the first ProEnc is aimed at the US market whilst is based at the UK market. From the UK they service Europe with their protective audio visual housings, allowing anyone to have an outdoor projector in their back garden.

Projector enclosures from ProEnc come with the highest possible quality build backed by the longest warranty in the industry. This is down to their 25 years manufacturing protective outdoor housings for electronic hardware.

A resent installation using a ProEnc projector enclosure in Germany.

Anyone looking for an outdoor projector enclosure, why not use the coupon below? We guarantee to beat any like for like quotation, so the customer win every time!

Contact ProEnc USA on (862) 234-5981 or ProEnc Europe on +44 (0) 843 2893717.