Thursday, 31 March 2016

Barco Projector Series S

The Barco Series S projector is one of the 'big boys' and provides awesome results, ideal for events and outdoor digital cinema. Check out the overview we found on youtube.

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Are You Giving Your Customers Details To A Competitor?

Looking for a specialist housing manufacturer for projectors?

Any audio visual integrator needs to be careful when partnering with a supplier, they need to do their due dilligence because you can be giving your customers details direct to a competitor!

What do we mean by this?

When an AV installer is looking for a projector enclosure, they will search for them, but do they really know who they are dealing with? They place the order and they give the delivery address usually to site with a contact name (usually the buying contact).

Now one UK based projector enclosure supplier, (we can't call them manufacturers as they outsource the manufacture of the products), the directors of the 'box' company is an active director of an audio visual company in Yorkshire.

The same AV company has also been known in quiet times, to resell components as a sales agent for a major AV component company in Yorkshire, UK to make ends meet. Who knows what they would do if they had a database of customers, who've taken delivery of their projector enclosures and times got tough...

This company is based in Yorkshire and offers their enclosures globally, so they claim.

ProEnc Limited as a comparison.

ProEnc have over 70 years manufacturing experience if you on ly use the experience of the 3 directors! They are not in competing industries, they manufacturer protective housings for outdoor use, period!

The Managing Director, personally has 25 years engineering experience in producing these products, so they have the pedigree of a quality item.

Customers details are only retained for delivery purposes, we never contact them directly, if a third part customer contacts us direct, we redirect them to the AV installer who made the initial purchase.

The pricing structure is there to protect the installer, the ProEnc projector enclosure is the only projector housing on the market that is fitted with high security locks to protect the investment.

This have been used on their high security housings supplied for outdoor use in transit hubs in California and New York USA, as well as Mumbia in India. They also manufacturer a range of anti ligature housings for use in detention centers and psychiatric units across the globe.

Recently ProEnc supplied 72 enclosures to hospitals in Atlanta, with 23 environmental projector housings goind to the Middle East.

A good resource article on the use of projectors can be seen here.

ProEnc's manufacturing facilties.

Over the years of exporting, they realized that they had to have a manufacturing facility in key locations, to avoid excessive air freight costs, this is why over 7 years they have manufacturing plants in Australia, North America and Europe to ensure the product is made to an exact standard and that the turn around is fast.

They also have different websites for Europe and North America, these are below: deals with all projector housing requirements for the USA and Canada. deals with all UK and European enquiries for weatherproof projector enclosures. deals with the anti ligature products and transit display housings. deals with all the European requirements for transport screen enclosures as well as being a key supplier to the UK's NHS for their anti ligature housing.

In 2015 ProEnc exported in excess of 600 enclosures across the world, this was a mix of protective screen cases, anti ligature products and projector cases, for more details contact ProEnc the specialists in the industry and you can rest assured that your client database is safe with us.

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Best projectors for outdoor events

Find the best projector for your event.

Festivals and outdoor events are increasingly using projectors to entertain the visitors, so picking the best projector is the key to success of the project.

What sort of event uses movie projectors?

Digital projectors come in all shapes, sizes and brightness! They can be ceiling mounted, wall or even roof mounted! This all comes down to your event, what you will be using the projectors for and what your financial commitment will be. For outdoor projector use, the higher the lumens, the better, this is why most high end solutions are using either Barco or Christie Digital Solutions, as these babes range up to 40,000 lumens with a price tag of $55,000. This would have to be some serious event to justify the purchase of this type of hardware. Events that use digital projectors are festivals, open air cinemas and even brands promoting a new product, which can be a new clothing line or new car! So let us look at the main two rivals in the digital projector arena.

Barco digital projectors.

The name BARCO is taken from the first letters of the founding company Belgium American Radio Company in 1989, from then on they have been on a journey of acquisition, acquiring complimenting businesses in the audio visual industry, from software creators to 3D audio systems. Their prime route to market was entertainment, healthcare and enterprise vertical markets. Barco operates in over 89 countries and employees 3,200 members of staff, their head office location is in Belgium with many offices across the United States of America, Australia and Europe. In 2014 their post profit sales figure was posted at just over 1 billion Euros.

Barco is one of the main employers in Belgium and is developing a section specifically on video mapping. Projector mapping is commonly called video mapping, it is a way to project an image onto odd shaped to give a jaw dropping visual experience.

Christie digital projectors.

Christie was founded in 1929 as a manufacturer of 35mm movie projectors in California USA, supplying the movie industry. The company is constantly growing and developing with in excess of 43,050 cinema screens deployed throughout the world and employing 1,500 people in their global offices.
Christie digital solutions are used in the rental staging industry, from events to outdoor cinema use. They even supply houses of worship and law enforcement with projector solutions, showing their solution is very flexible and adaptable.

Protecting digital projectors.

So no matter which manufacturer you use, the projector will need some kind of protection from the weather and potential theft when left in one location for a few days, such as at a festival.
Some of these digital projectors can weigh in excess of 200lbs! So mounting them securely is paramount, once solution on the market from ProEnc is their secure weatherproof case for projectors that includes rigging eyes to mount the protective case using rigging wire from the steel poles. More information can be found at

These high end digital projector manufacturers are leaders of the pack and deserve the reputation they have built to date.

Monday, 28 March 2016

ProEnc's stackable projector housings

ProEnc have now added to their portfolio to include stacking projector enclosures, due to a major project that needed the protective housings to be stacked.

The secure, protective housing was to accommodate high end Barco digital projectors ranging in cost from $20K to $60K! This is why ProEnc's solution was the prefered solution.

For more information, you can check out the information at Something you will not regret, as ProEnc hosuings are often used to replace the competitions units that have failed in the field.

If you need a protective, weatherproof enclosure contact ProEnc now and get the best possible price and service.

Thursday, 24 March 2016

About ProEnc

ProEnc is a manufacturer of outdoor housings and each member of the management team has over 20 years manufacturing experience. This is why they are the world’s leading enclosure manufacturer.

With their head office in the United Kingdom, they also have sales offices and manufacturing facilities in North America and Australia, ensuring their protective housings are available anywhere in the world in a quick turnaround.

ProEnc Limited have focused on 2 main product sets, they are anti ligature TV enclosures and projector enclosures. As you can imagine, the market for the anti-ligature TV housing is aimed at detention centers, correctional facilities and psychiatric units. While the projector enclosure is aimed at event management companies, outdoor home cinemas and the audio visual industry.

You can see the strength of our standard product for anti ligature TV enclosure below in the video.
ProEnc's projector enclosure video is below.
ProEnc intend on launching new products over the next 12 months that will revolutionize audio visual installations for residential and commercial use. More details can be seen on their global site, alternatively, you can check out their UK site at We will update the blogger blog with product news, reviews and articles on the industry.