Friday, 20 May 2016

Do You Know What An Outdoor Projector Enclosure IP Rating Is?

Understanding What An Outdoor Projector Enclosure IP Rating Is?

IP rated outdoor projector enclosures are essential if the hardware (ie projector) is being used constantly outdoors. But understanding what IP rating is, is the beginning.

IP stands for Ingress Protection and the scale varies for products used indoors to completely submerged solutions. But the weather protection falls under IP56 and IP65, in the USA this has the equivalent of NEMA 4 and NEMA 4X.

Let us take IP56, the first number 5 indicates protection from dust with limited ingress that will form no harmful damage, the last number 6 indicates protection from strong water jets, with limited ingress permitted. Now let us take a look at the IP65 unit.

IP65, the first number (6) indicates total protection against dust, eliminating dust build up on a projector can be catastrophic! The last number (5) indicates protection form water jets with permitted ingress allowed.

ProEnc Outdoor projector enclosure IP rating is IP65.

All ProEnc outdoor projector enclosures are IP65, so they are perfect for outdoor use in all weathers.
For more details on the product range, for projectors from 7K up to 50K ProEnc have the solution for the US office, or for the European office

This is why ProEnc's solution is used throughout the world to protect the projectors, no matter what the weather, with ProEnc's 20+ years manufacturing outdoor solutions they know much more than other projector enclosure manufacturers. 

Partner with ProEnc today for their outdoor projector enclosure IP rating 65.

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