Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Are You Giving Your Customers Details To A Competitor?

Looking for a specialist housing manufacturer for projectors?

Any audio visual integrator needs to be careful when partnering with a supplier, they need to do their due dilligence because you can be giving your customers details direct to a competitor!

What do we mean by this?

When an AV installer is looking for a projector enclosure, they will search for them, but do they really know who they are dealing with? They place the order and they give the delivery address usually to site with a contact name (usually the buying contact).

Now one UK based projector enclosure supplier, (we can't call them manufacturers as they outsource the manufacture of the products), the directors of the 'box' company is an active director of an audio visual company in Yorkshire.

The same AV company has also been known in quiet times, to resell components as a sales agent for a major AV component company in Yorkshire, UK to make ends meet. Who knows what they would do if they had a database of customers, who've taken delivery of their projector enclosures and times got tough...

This company is based in Yorkshire and offers their enclosures globally, so they claim.

ProEnc Limited as a comparison.

ProEnc have over 70 years manufacturing experience if you on ly use the experience of the 3 directors! They are not in competing industries, they manufacturer protective housings for outdoor use, period!

The Managing Director, personally has 25 years engineering experience in producing these products, so they have the pedigree of a quality item.

Customers details are only retained for delivery purposes, we never contact them directly, if a third part customer contacts us direct, we redirect them to the AV installer who made the initial purchase.

The pricing structure is there to protect the installer, the ProEnc projector enclosure is the only projector housing on the market that is fitted with high security locks to protect the investment.

This have been used on their high security housings supplied for outdoor use in transit hubs in California and New York USA, as well as Mumbia in India. They also manufacturer a range of anti ligature housings for use in detention centers and psychiatric units across the globe.

Recently ProEnc supplied 72 enclosures to hospitals in Atlanta, with 23 environmental projector housings goind to the Middle East.

A good resource article on the use of projectors can be seen here.

ProEnc's manufacturing facilties.

Over the years of exporting, they realized that they had to have a manufacturing facility in key locations, to avoid excessive air freight costs, this is why over 7 years they have manufacturing plants in Australia, North America and Europe to ensure the product is made to an exact standard and that the turn around is fast.

They also have different websites for Europe and North America, these are below: deals with all projector housing requirements for the USA and Canada. deals with all UK and European enquiries for weatherproof projector enclosures. deals with the anti ligature products and transit display housings. deals with all the European requirements for transport screen enclosures as well as being a key supplier to the UK's NHS for their anti ligature housing.

In 2015 ProEnc exported in excess of 600 enclosures across the world, this was a mix of protective screen cases, anti ligature products and projector cases, for more details contact ProEnc the specialists in the industry and you can rest assured that your client database is safe with us.